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Fran's Computer Services wishes to express its gratitude to a great group of clients who, no matter how long they have been with us, have been very supportive.

Some have shown their support through their testimonials and recommendations on this website in order to help others understand a little bit about our services and how we have helped them.

But all of our clients, through word of mouth, have offered their support locally by recommending us to their family, friends, neighbors or associates throughout the years we have been in business.

Thank you all so much, as always, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Cliff Neilson, Williamsburg, VA.

Cliff Neilson placed the following in the VA Gazette's LastWord about our services:
For over 7 years, our household and many of our neighbors have relied on Fran Parker, 757-941-5469 or FransComputerServices.com to support our IT needs. Fran advises by phone, makes house calls, and will even accompany us to the computer store. She installs and integrates new and old hard- and software while holding our hands all the way. If you're in a quandary, you won't go wrong with Fran

Cliff Neilson

NOTE: We also provide remote assistance by phone and computer.

Clayton, Williamsburg, VA.

Thanks very much for the update, and I will look forward to continuing to use your services at present rates or even an increase. YOU are worth it!


Virginia Richardson, Williamsburg, VA.

I became acquainted with Fran Parker shortly after moving to Williamsburg. She was recommended to me by a friend and a neighbor. That was almost 5 years ago and I have been very pleased since then for this connection. As I am a novice at the tech side of the computer and some other aspects of cyberspace, I like the ease of having someone come to my home to answer questions as well as do fix ups or whatever is needed. Fran and her business have certainly been the answer for me. She is available at my convenience, is pleasant and knowledgeable.

Although she didn't usually work on laptops, she worked on one for me and did a good job of getting it back into a useful state. I find her charges most reasonable, and for anyone looking for help with their internet service or home computer, I would fully recommend that you give Fran a call.

Virginia Richardson

Duane C. Perry, moved from Virginia to Michigan

As you know we are moving from Virginia to Michigan. I really appreciate the excellent help you have provided in solving my problems with the computer and setting it up to operate better. The way you are able to explain things so that a novice like me can understand, has been a great help. I will definitely take you up on your offer to contact you by email when I have more trouble.

Good luck on going full time on your business. I will follow it closely through your great web site.

Duane C. Perry

Update 1/14/2003: We recently helped Duane, long distance by phone to Michigan, to salvage needed documents, reinstall Windows and restore the documents to the previously failed computer. When Duane sent his check for the over the phone technical help, he enclosed the following note:


Fran's Bailout Service

At this point in time I cannot tell you how many times you have " bailed me out " and restored my faith in those who invent these infernal units sometimes referred to as Computers. Probably one of the things I do remember best is your inate ability to smoke out the various causes behind my Computer crashes. I've thought there must be a time when you yourself get stymied, but it has been my experience that that time has not come.

I whole heartedly recommend your gifted abilities to anyone that needs your services.


Pat Dunn, Williamsburg, VA

As you know, I have used your services since 1997. I would create a list of questions, so we could make more efficient use of our time together. We covered a lot of ground with the computer, the software and hardware upgrades, configuring and troubleshooting problems as they arose, as well as showing me how to do certain things I needed or wanted to do.

You also moved my files from my old computer to my new computer when I got a faster computer so I wouldn't lose anything.

Although I do not need as much instruction these days, I can still depend on you to be there when I do need help with my computer. Thank you for sharing you computer knowledge and skills.

I wish you all the best with your business, and I will continue to send any new customers I find.

I highly recommend you!

Pat Dunn