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Scanning Services


Fran's Computer Services can scan your
pictures, artwork, logos, or other hardcopy/paper documents, etc.

We can save them in most any graphic file format you need.

We can also provide images to you in a high end graphic format for use in print media, and/or in an optimized web friendly format.

(Optical Character Recognition)

Convert your hard copy/paper documents
to editable text files - saved as plain text, WordPerfect, or Word format.

Convert your hardcopy/paper documents
to editable spreadsheet files - saved as Excel or Quattro Pro format.

Your New Files

We will provide these files to you in CD format, and/or through email.


Price will vary with the number and quality of the documents you need scanned and how much preparation will be needed in processing your documents to the desired file format.

Your cost will be based either on an hourly rate of $20/HR, or by a per file rate, whichever will work out to be most economical according to your specific scanning needs.

Contact us and we will call you and discuss your scanning needs with you personally.