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Software and other Internet Resources.


Free Security Related

Most of the following software is available for free or free after a trial period. Most also have a Pay version available as well. Some are totally free, some are donation ware.

  • Antivirus software

    Avast! Home Edition (Free for home use)

    AntiVir (free version)

    AVG Free (free version)
  • Firewall software
    ZoneAlarm Free (free version) Requires Win2K or later. Earlier ZoneAlarm Free version here (latest version that works for Win9x/ME: version 61 737 000). Win9x/ME should not be on the Internet - There are vulnerabilities that Microsoft will never fix.

    Comodo Personal Firewall (free forever) Requires Win2K or later.
  • Antispyware software
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free/trial/pay-to-play) Excellent program. When you go past the trial period, you just need to manually get the updates and do your own scans.
    SpyBot Search & Destroy (free)
    Windows Defender
    (free but requires WGA validation - NOTE: Be sure to use Internet Explorer to download. Windows XP or later required.)
  • Prevention software
    WinPatrol (free and pay-to-play versions) - Excellent Program- does a great job. Particularly good for slower computers or computers with less memory
    SpywareBlaster (free, pay for automatic updates) - a must have

    Secunia Software Inspector (free) browser/Java based software inspection of the components like Java, Flash, Windows Updates, etc. to ensure you have the latest versions and especially important to make sure you do not have any latent earlier versions laying around to be exploited.

    SpywareGuard (free)
    EULAlyzer (free)
    MyWOT (free), MYWot, also known as My Web Of Trust. Works great for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Firefox versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    CCleaner (free) NOTE: During install, recommend unclicking Yahoo! Toolbar if you don't want it. Configure settings (Windows and Applications Tabs) before running CCleaner - unclick cookies for browsers and let antispyware products take care of cookies, and maybe recent documents if you use that feature.

  • ATF Cleaner - great to be used with CCleaner or standalone. No installation needed. Small and handy cleanup tool for Windows.
  • Alternative Browsers and Email Clients
    Get Mozilla Firefox Web Browser!
    Get Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client
    Opera (free)
    Eudora (free and pay now, soon open source)

Parental Help - Free Internet Filtering

K0 Web Protectoin - Free Internet Web Filtering Software from Blu Coat


Non Free Security Solutions

Productivity Software

Many of the free security programs you will need to update on a weekly basis if they don't an auto update function (antivirus software generally has an auto update function).

Many find it's easier to remember to run their 'Weekies' if they put the short cuts for their security programs into a new folder on the Desktop called Weekly as a reminder. I generally create a folder called Weekly and change the folder Icon to the little security lock image under customize Icon in Windows XP.