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Internet Research

Let Fran's Computer Services do the Internet Research for your business needs.

Internet Research can be very time consuming depending on how much information is available on a given topic and whether you can find information that answers your question. We have been doing research on the web for clients for several years and have a very good handle on how to find what you need.

What can we find for you?

  • Information on your competition
  • Demographics for your type of product or service
  • Statistical and other information on stocks, companies, etc.
  • Information on a concept and whether anyone else is doing what you wish to do
  • What companies are available to provide a service you need
  • Or where to find the best price on a product

Internet Research can be used to gain many things that will be of use to you in your business.

We will do our best to find information on your topic of interest. If we can't find relevant information, you don't pay.

If the information is available but only through third party services, these expenses would be included in your Invoice. These third party services would not be used unless we discuss the options and you agree to the terms.


Pricing for Internet Research is at a rate of no more than $25/HR.

See Pricing and Terms for general information.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to contract us to do some Internet Research for you.