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Pricing Information and Terms of Service

General Pricing Information

Some services have specific pricing listed for hourly rates or by the project.

If pricing is not listed for a given service, it is because those services may vary in need by project and your estimate will be tailored to your specific project as each project has its own individual characteristics. Contact us and we will call you back so we can talk personally about your business needs. Our pricing is very competitive.

Regardless of the pricing structure, whether hourly, by project or by monthly retainer, all pricing will be for time-on-task. In other words, if you need assistance for 3 hours, you will only be charged for 3 hours.

FCS Affordable Hosting and Website Design

Please check pricing located on the corresponding pages for FCS Affordable Hosting and Website Design.

Technical Services

In-Home/In-Office Technical Computer/Consulting - charged by the hour at $40/HR. One Hour minimum, balance in 1/2 HR increments.

Pickup Up and Delivery Fee - Where applicable. Non-refundable $30 pickup and delivery fee, paid at time of pick up, for picking up a computer to work on in the Shop and delivering it back to the home/office.

In-Shop Technical Computer Work - May be charged at an hourly rate or by the project as appropriate - whichever will afford the customer with the best price for the type of work done.

Payment - In-Home/Office Technical Services and Technical Services on Computers worked on in the shop are due upon delivery of service. Payment may be in cash, check, or by PayPal. PayPal payment options are by PayPal Payments via PayPal Account, eCheck, or Credit Card (see link under left navigation of each page).

Other Services

Hourly/Project contracts - As outlined in your proposal or as listed on the webpage, whichever is appropriate. A deposit (a percentage of the total job cost) and estimated expenses are required up front. Balance due upon receipt of invoice.

Monthly contracts retainers - These contracts will be based on your proposal. We have several predetermined Monthly Retainer Contracts outlined below. Other Monthly Retainer Contracts are available as well.

Minimum 15 hours/month contracts - Comes with a 10% discount, additional hours beyond the contract minimum will be charged at $4/hour above contract rate.

Minimum 30 hours/month contracts - Comes with a 15% discount, additional hours beyond the contract minimum will be charged at $3/hour above contract rate.

Minimum 45 hours/month contracts - Comes with a 20% discount, additional hours beyond the contract minimum will be charged at $2/hour above contract rate.

Monthly contracts fees are due prior to the beginning of the month services will be rendered. Estimated expenses will be submitted prior to work commencing. Estimated expenses to be paid up front.

20% Discount to Nonprofit Organizations with copy of 501c3.

A surcharge charge of 20% will be added to any rush order.

Parts of an hour are calculated in 15 minute increments.

Sample Contract

All work (except In-Home/In-Office Technical Help/Consulting) is done by written contract. You can view a copy of a blank contract here in Word format.


Proposals will be provided by email or by FAX. As oulined above, a portion of the excepted Proposal is due up front as well as any expected expenses to complete the project.


Hourly and Project-based Invoices are provided at the completion of a project by email or FAX. Payment of the Invoice is due upon receipt.

Monthly Retainer Contract Invoices - Initial Invoice will be sent prior to work commencing for the first month payable upon receipt. Subsequent Invoices will be sent prior to each month's work commencing and are payable upon receipt. Payment must be received by the first of the month for work to continue.


Hourly or Project-based Contracts - Estimated expenses for the project are due up front. Balance, if any, will be outlined on Invoice and is due upon receipt of Invoice.

Monthly Retainer Contracts - Estimated expenses for the month are due upfront, other expenses incurred during the month are due upon receipt of the next Invoice. If a particular expense is great enough to cause a hardship, payment of that expense may be necessary prior to work commencing on that particular project.

Payment Methods

Check, Money Order - See Contact Information for mailing address.

PayPal - Click the "PayPal Payments" logo (under the left navigation area of each page) to make a payment to Fran's Computer Services safely and easily by PayPal Account, eCheck or Credit Card.