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Hosting and Website Design Packages

Featured Website Package

Website Design and Hosting Package


5-Page Design PLUS
1 YR Hosting Package

Domain Name Desired


Website Design For Up to 5 Pages
Hosting and Domain Registration
or Transfer for 1 Year!


Hosting and Design Special Packages*
2-Page Hosting and Website Design $175
Domain Name Desired
5-Page Hosting and Website Design $350
Domain Name Desired
10-Page Hosting and Website Design $625
Domain Name Desired


All packages include Website Design**, PLUS Hosting and Domain Registration/Transfer for 1 year, as well as submittal to search engines that allow free submittal (including Google, Yahoo group of search engines, MSN/Live Search group of search engines).

Website Design includes HTML/CSS designs, but may also include some free/minor flash elements such as navigation and some minor/free javascripting.

Does not include the cost for purchasing scripts, Templates, or full/dynamic Flash websites. Nor does it include creation or adaptation or purchase of Flash Templates. Creation of Flash sites, scripts, or other indepth scripting are extra due to the extra time and costs required for specialized programming.

Database driven website site installation and CSS customization for Content Management Systems such WordPress, phpWebsite, Joomla!, Drupal (no cost open source packages only included) can be used instead of the standard HTML/CSS designs for the number of pages included in your package. Extensive/Additional programming for any content management system (CMS) would be extra due to the time required for specialized program.

In other words, any Website Design costs above and beyond our actual creation of the site's HTML/CSS will need to be purchased separately. Such costs would include things like IPB or vBulletin forum subscriptions, or other pay-to-play content management systems, or submittal to any pay-to-play faster inclusion search engine packages.

There are some great content management systems that are open source/free. WordPress, phpWebsite, Drupal, Joomla! as well as phpBB and Simple Machines (SMF), and some Photo Gallery systems will incur no charges for the software itself or any subscription costs as they are free/open source and freely available. Only additional costs would be for customizations. The actual number of pages created under these systems would be limited to the number of pages of your Design Package.

NOTE: Some hosting companies do not allow certain types of content management systems (CMS). Check with us before purchasing a Design Package for any types of CMS that are Pay-to-Play or not listed on this page.

Any costs for images (that need to be purchased from a stock photo site) would be extra.

If you have your own images that you want on the site, the specials include up to 5 images per page (this would be any images above and beyond the images that are part of, or created by us for the website design/template itself).


Contact us if you have any questions, and we will call or email you back to discuss your website needs with you personally.