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Audio, Graphics and Other Data
Conversion Services

Fran's Computer Services can convert your
audio, graphics, and some other data format files
and burn them to CD for you.


Convert CDAudio disks to .wav files, .mp3 or .ogg format, or convert to other formats such as .au.


Convert and/or optimize your graphics files

Convert from one file type to another, such as:
converting high end graphic files
to an optimized web format.

Other Data Files

Convert files from one file format to another, such as:

  • Excel to Access
  • dBase and many Access-based database formats to MySQL
  • WordPerfect to Word Format
  • Quattro Pro to Excel
  • Any other wordprocessor to Word or WordPerfect
  • Some special conversions for print files, etc.

Includes reformatting as necessary.


Price will vary according to your specific conversion needs.

Pricing is based on the following:

Audio - Hourly rate of $20/HR. (3 audio CDs) - per song rate available

Graphics and Other Data Files - Hourly rate of $25-$35/HR depending upon your specific needs

See Pricing and Terms for contract details.

Contact us and we will call you and discuss your scanning needs with you personally.