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About Us.

Fran's Computer Services has been in business since 1997.

laptop imageFran's Computer Services started out by helping people with their computers in their homes on a part-time basis.

Since 2000, Fran's Computer Services has expanded to full-time and includes many services in the world of website design, Conversion and other office services as well as technical assistance. You can see what others have to say about our services on the following pages: Recommendations and Testimonials.

We are also proud to offer our own hosting and design services: FCS Affordable Hosting and Design. See our Portfolio here.


Fran Parker, owner of Fran's Computer Services, has been involved with computers since 1987 when her computer and electronics Guru, Jim Radcliffe of Radcliffe Electronics, introduced them to her. Jim originally taught her to use computers on an old CoCo (from Radio Shack), where you saved your programs to cassette (believe it or not!) and later to floppies with very limited space. The computer itself was amazing (for the day), and it could do so much in a tiny computer with only 64K RAM (yes, that's 64K not 64MB or 64GB). She very soon realized she had to have an IBM-compatible, DOS-based computer.

From there she learned to upgrade everything in the box from motherboards, hard drives, modems, video cards, you name it. In addition, she became very proficient in many Windows-based programs over many years, either at home or through her work. Fran just soaked up any computer-related information like a sponge because she enjoyed working with computers so much.

Jim says Fran is the Windows guru of the family. He of course is the Linux guru. He has long since given up on what he calls "the illogical Windows environment." Fran also very much enjoys Linux but there are some programs that she doesn't wish to give up on that only run on Windows. So she has Windows, Linux and Mac computers ... the best of all worlds.

Fran began tutoring and providing in-home technical assistance and troubleshooting Windows PC problems even before the business started and was encouraged by friends and relatives to start a business to help people with their computers. She has also helped some folks with their MAC computers even before she owned a Mac.